Month: April 2013

In advance of C-Tran retreat, Leavitt takes council on trip down memory lane

Prior to Monday's Vancouver City Council meeting, City Manager Eric Holmes distributed packets to audience members, myself included. On the top of the packet was a memo, dated that day, […]

Sad Big Stu

In Erik Hidle's Sunday stories about Commissioner David Madore's first 90 days in office and the status of his campaign promises, we published in the paper a photograph of Madore […]

Bring some quarters for your comments

You can now park for free at all of Clark County's parks and boat launches. The county won't be making the same concession for those looking to park in the garage […]

Story hits close to home for Holmes

As we've previously bragged, a team of meeting mavens -- myself, Marissa Harshman and Eric Florip -- won an inaugural Word War last month. As we imbibed, we crafted a […]

UFP – Unidentified Flexing Pecs

I know readers love stories about reported UFO sightings, because of the hits we get every time we do a story. So I'm going to gauge interest in an acronym […]

Councilor Harris gets CAPSY about CRC

I'm back at work after a weeklong vacation and I'm catching up on my latest batch of city council emails.┬áSomeone needs to tell Vancouver City Councilor Jeanne Harris that there's […]

Madore seeking mayor…er…council candidates

Clark County Commissioner David Madore has a casting call out for folks considering running for city council positions this year. Yes, it could be you. Now, I could write a whole bunch […]

It’s good to be Greg

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey may be the most beloved man in local politics. It just seems impossible for him to find enemies. At Tuesday night's meeting of Clark County commissioners, Kimsey […]

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