Victory Garden Menus

Planning My Soup Garden

This morning, after we thawed out from our cold blustery walk, I simmered up a pot of vegetable broth on the stove top, curled up with my Territorial seed catalogue, […]

A Brief Pause

Happy Winter Solstice!   I'm taking a brief pause to enjoy vacation time with My Pirate and finish up some lingering projects. Don't worry, I'll be back soon feeling refreshed and organized. […]

Spiced Christmas Coffee and Snow

Tuesday morning, we woke up to another soft dusting of snow.  I stepped outside and took pictures while my Spiced Christmas Coffee steeped in the French Press on the kitchen […]

Braised Celery with Oven Roasted Tomatoes

My Victory Garden is shivering while it sleeps.  Brrr… The temperatures dipped down into the single digits over the weekend and I'm wondering if the rosemary and bay are going to […]

My First Turducken with Thyme

Last fall, when I was reading The Essential New York Times Cookbook, I giggled when I read the Turducken recipe. A turkey stuffed with a duck and a chicken?  It […]

Sweet Potato Jalapeño Soup

This year, I planted my jalapeño pepper plants in the front of My Victory Garden and all the peppers walked off.  I had the very same problem last year at […]

Community Garden Shopping

Come join me at the new Community Grown website and follow along as I search for a new community garden plot for next summer! I'm looking for a sunnier space to […]

Roasted Chicken Thighs and Potatoes with Fresh Thyme

I grow thyme in my garden primarily  for my roasted chicken.  Roasted chicken is my signature dish and I only make it for people that I love and adore. I prefer using […]

Caramel Clafoutis with Bartlett Pears

Outside the back door of my childhood home there was a Bartlett Pear tree.  We would watch the tree bloom, grow fruit, and then one day my Mom would pull […]

Inspiration at Nostrana

I recently treated myself to the delicious Two Courses With Wine lunch ($18) at Nostrana.  Nostrana features Chef Cathy Whims' regional approach to simple and sophisticated Italian.  They offer an […]

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