Victory Garden Menus

Time For Soup

A windstorm is blowing in and the fir cones dropping on our new pergola roof sound like bombs going off. The Assistant, Sadie, is hiding in the bathtub and I’m […]

Taking Stock

This morning, I turned on the heaters for the first time this season. The dust crackled and burned so I opened the windows. Then, I proceeded to assemble three big […]

Celebrating with Limeade

My sweet Pirate gave me an early birthday present of plants from my favorite nursery, Xera Plants! I was beyond thrilled. This was the first time that My Pirate has […]

Swooning Over My Violetto Artichoke

Beautiful vegetables are essential to appeasing your neighbors when you grow your edibles in the front yard. Sure, your neighbor's lawn might be brown in the summer heat and littered […]

Scrambled Eggs with Kale

Our Wednesday morning class series with students from the Boys and Girls Club at the Hazel Dell School and Community Garden is my very favorite part of being a Master […]

An Extra Thorn

Do you see the earwig hiding in my Violetto artichoke bloom?   […]

Roasted Baby Carrots

On warm evenings, you can find me out front watering my Victory Garden while chomping on a fresh Nantes carrot pulled out of the soup themed garden. I’ve been happily […]

Good Brownies

This morning at 11 am, the first legal marijuana store in Vancouver, Washington will open its doors to the public. If you find yourself in a celebrating mood, just put […]

Simply the Best Deviled Eggs

I do not like to plant my vegetables in straight lines. I know that this particular quirk is a result of watching my grandfather set up his surveying equipment just […]

Hummingbird Nest at Shorty’s Nursery

Yesterday, we ran into Shorty’s to pick up some seed potatoes on our way to the orientation party at the Hazel Dell School and Community Garden.  And a truly hideous […]

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