2013 elections

Voters have fun with ballot write-ins, election officials aren’t impressed

  Mickey Mouse, former Vancouver mayor Royce Pollard, Ridgefield City Council candidate Tim Wilson and Donald Duck were all popular write-in choices for Clark County voters in the 2013 general election. Rather […]

Voting bloopers caused election officials to reject hundreds of ballots this fall

Clark County's low voter turnout of 37.62 percent in the 2013 general election could have been just a little bit better, if voters paid more attention when they were sending […]

GMO-labeling advocates say they’ll try again in 2016 in Washington state

In retrospect, picking an odd-numbered election year to run a food-labeling measure probably wasn't the best idea, the Yes on 522 campaign said earlier this month. Issuing a post-election statement, […]

Students voting in state’s mock election approve GMO-labeling measure

Washington voters rejected two initiatives on their ballots this fall, one that would make it easier for petitioners to get an initiative on the ballot, and another to require labels […]

New poll: ‘Initiative on initiatives’ 517 is no sure thing

Forty percent of Washington voters surveyed last week said they have voted no or plan to vote no on Initiative 517, according to Portland-based polling firm, Moore Information. I-517¬†would make […]

Democrats endorse freeholder candidates, Republicans decide against endorsing

Overwhelmed by the number of freeholder candidates on your ballot? Longing for advice from your favorite political party? Your decision might have gotten easier, depending on your political stripes. The Clark […]

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