Month: November 2014

Paul Harris will serve as whip again

Rep. Paul Harris was re-elected to serve as whip for the Republican caucus. “I am excited to work with the largest House Republican Caucus we have had in over a decade as […]

Senator Rivers and Chairwoman Rivers?

The county’s new at-large chairperson won’t take the helm until 2016 but, as The Columbian reported, candidates for the new spot are already being vetted. Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, is […]

Lawmakers test remote testimony

Last week, lawmakers took a step toward embracing present-day technology and allowed remote video testimony in a legislative hearing. Instead of traveling to Olympia, Jason Mercier, director of the Center for Government Reform […]

Clark County incumbents have a great election

People complain about politicians and bemoan partisan bickering. But if this midterm election illustrated anything it’s that despite low approval ratings, incumbents are hard to beat. Those already in the political […]

Dropping off ballots still popular

In 2005, Washington became the second all vote-by-mail state. Oregon was the first, beating us by about five years. The idea was to give voters a more convenient way to cast their […]

Gun debate continues

The battle over background checks is far from over. About 60 percent of voters statewide approved Initiative 594, which takes effect next month, and will require background checks for online and […]

Local lawmaker: some would die for a chance to vote

A confluence of November events prompted a local legislator’s speech at last week’s Veterans Day observance. State Rep. Paul Harris talked about liberty, as well as some people who don’t take […]

It’s not over until …

It’s ballot-chasing time! Republican Lynda Wilson issued an “ACTION ALERT!” on her Facebook page letting Republicans know on Saturday they should get out in the field to help “rehabilitate challenged ballots.” Rep. […]

Lt. Governor Jim Moeller 2016?

A rumor was swirling that Rep. Jim Moeller, a liberal Democrat who holds the second most powerful seat in the House, wouldn’t run for re-election in 2016. When asked if it […]

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