Who wants Peaches?

Who wants Peaches? She is a lhasa apso looking for a home for the holidays. She is 12 years old, so all the puppyness is out of the way. She […]

Bee-Mastiff for Adoption

Do you love big dogs? This is Bee and she is looking for a home. She just recently had surgery for cherry eye issues. They were all fixed and she […]

Who Wants A Cookie-Rescue

A few weeks back, I was having lunch with friends at Who Song and Larry's. Just off the shore we noticed a boat had sunk in the river. I later […]

5 Tips for Pet Poison Emergencies

No matter how hard you try to keep harmful foods and chemicals out of paw’s reach, pet poison emergencies can still occur. Keep these tips in mind to help you […]

Fireworks — Dog On The Run

The Forth of July is approaching fast. Those of you with pets will know this can be scary for pets. Did you know that on the July 4 holiday more […]

Rescue Me Again

This is a story about my old dogs Butch and Sundance. When I first went to the shelter I was looking for a small dog. But one dog caught my […]

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