Month: May 2013

A Walk in the Park-Dog Park

The nice weather will be here soon. If your dog is like mine they are tired of being cooped up. In Vancouver, we have great parks and trails for hikes […]

Rescue Me Again

This is a story about my old dogs Butch and Sundance. When I first went to the shelter I was looking for a small dog. But one dog caught my […]

Local animal organizations receive $1 million grant

The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland,  a local coalition of animal welfare organizations, received a $1 million grant earlier this week for their unique collaboration. The grant was given by […]

Little Buggers-Fleas and Ticks

Living in the Northwest everyone thinks that their dog won't get fleas, ticks or worse. Not true. Many dogs can get them in their own yard or on walks in […]

Allergies and your pets

It is that time of the year, and all the flowers are in bloom and grass is growing. Don't you love spring? This is the start for allergies in humans […]

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