Month: July 2013

Romantic Glamping

  Now this is what I call beach camping. Or glamping, which is my new favorite word. Glamorous, sensuous, decadent camping. Where do I sign up? I have had my share of […]

Who, What, Where, When and Why

Everyone who ever had an English teacher like mine learned the 5-Ws of writing. You had to have them all to please her. So today, because I'm editing a work-in-progress […]

A Book to Read

I am not, it turns out, the only person to connect food and romance. Of course, you're saying. Why would you even think you were? I did't really. I've seen […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

Through the wonders of Facebook and YouTube I've recently seen an image of an old boyfriend. He looks different (duh). Decades have passed since I've seen him so it is […]

Summer Heats Up

It would have been nicer if summer came on gradually but... Instead it hit with a heat hammer that hasn't let up much. So, the romantic in me has to […]

It’s Too Darn Hot

There's a famous song of that title that says when the temperature gets too high, the impulse for romance goes way down. So here we are in what is an […]

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