Through the wonders of Facebook and YouTube I’ve recently seen an image of an old boyfriend. He looks different (duh). Decades have passed since I’ve seen him so it is quite possible we would not have recognized each other if we’d passed on the street. However, I did recognize his voice in the clip.

It was that or the fabulous weather we’ve been having or maybe both that got me to thinking about a time long ago in a galaxy far away, not to mention times closer to the present and very much in this solar system. Times when someone I cared for and I had a picnic.

It was weird to think about. Not the men. The menU. I have always, it turns out, equated a picnic with a boyfriend/fiance/husband with the same one. Bread. Cheese. Wine, when I was old enough to buy it. Grapes. That’s it, folks. My romantic picnic stripped down to bare essentials.

The specifics have varied. Sometimes I’m sure I improvised with what I could find where I was. But sometimes what I found was amazing. Cheeses to die for in France and here in the Northwest. Ditto bread. Cheap wine in Italy and good wine in Washington. Grapes–well, they’re pretty much grapes and depend more on the season than on the place, in my opinion.

It’s always fun wandering down memory lane. But the present is more fun. I think I’ll suggest a picnic at the Esther Short Park to my husband. Maybe next week when the outdoor concerts begin.

So, what’s in your picnic basket when you’re with a special person?

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