romantic picnic

Summer Sizzle III

It's almost the end of July already. How's your summer been? Busy? No time to spend with your favorite person? That's not good, is it? Because if ever a season […]

Am I Rushing the Season?

I could be. But with all this nice weather it's hard not to rush things. The al fresco dining, I mean. Tables are popping up outside local restaurants. Picnic ideas […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

Through the wonders of Facebook and YouTube I've recently seen an image of an old boyfriend. He looks different (duh). Decades have passed since I've seen him so it is […]

Summer Heats Up

It would have been nicer if summer came on gradually but... Instead it hit with a heat hammer that hasn't let up much. So, the romantic in me has to […]

First Picnic of the Summer

Summer, it appears, is about to close in on us with a vengeance. Time to dust off the picnic basket, grab a soft blanket and some big pillows and head […]

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