I could be. But with all this nice weather it’s hard not to rush things. The al fresco dining, I mean. Tables are popping up outside local restaurants. Picnic ideas are beginning to bubble to the surface of my mind. Friends recently called me from Frenchman’s Bar to join them for lunch.

So let’s take advantage of the weather this week. A Friday night romantic dinner by Vancouver Lake, for example, might look like this:

picnic by the lake

The tried and true ingredients are as pictured: a loaf of crisp French bread from your favorite bakery (mine is Bleu Door in Uptown.) Fresh fruit–grapes are always good. There are some decent California strawberries around. Oranges and tangerines are still available. Add your favorite cheeses–manchego with fig jam, Cougar gold, Oregon blue are a few of mine. And a beverage of your choice. If you like bubbles without alcohol try an artisanal apple cider from Eastern Washington. Throw in a couple glasses, paper plates and napkins, something to sit on, knives to cut and spread cheese and a bottle opener and you’re all set. The only thing left is to call your significant other at work and arrange where to meet!

Have a great weekend.

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