Everyone who ever had an English teacher like mine learned the 5-Ws of writing. You had to have them all to please her. So today, because I’m editing a work-in-progress and thinking about all those Ws, I’m going to honor the spirits of those teachers and use this as the formula for you to remember how (equally important but out of the pattern) to make an event romantic.

Who–Easy-peasy. Whoever trips your trigger, cranks your engine, flips your switch. However you describe the person who appeals to you. Husband, wife, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you’d like to be one of those things qualifies.

What–A meal that reeks romance. Whether it’s the simple bread, cheese, grapes and wine of an impromptu picnic or a dinner you spent two days preparing, feeding the person you love is a romantic gesture. The whole way-to-the-heart-is-through-the-somach thing is not a cliche for nothing.

Where–Your home, the other person’s home, a park, by a lake, on the beach, a mountain cabin. What does the person you’re trying to please like? This is about the other person, not about you, although if the place is to work you have to be comfortable there, too.

When–Anytime. Period.

Why–Need you ask?

What are your who/what/where/when/whys? And are you willing to share with me so I can post it here?


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