First Day Highlights and the Introduction of the Fair Food Feast Parade

Oh my goodness, I'm full.  This is very impressive since I have a reputation of being a bottomless pit of Fair Food this time of year.  Yes, I did the […]

If It’s Drizzling, It Must Be Opening Day!

If it is a grey drizzly summer day in Clark County, there's a really good chance it's one of two days:  the Grand Floral Parade in Portland or Opening Day […]

Why Lots of Kids Will Be in Costumes You Don’t Recognize

One of the new events at The Fair this year is FairCon.  Only because I have a 17-year-old friend who loves all things "con" do I have a teeny tiny […]

Sneak Peek at New Stuff!

I was wandering around the Fairgrounds yesterday since I was dropping off some entries.  It's always great fun to see forklifts moving things around, vendors getting set up, and carnival […]

Free Day at the Fair! Some Changes This Year

We are only 3 days away from The Fair!  Whoo hoo! As many Fair Fans know, opening day of The Fair has a very special tradition thanks to Fred Meyer.  Not […]

Biggest Fair Fan at Your Service

Hi everyone!  I'm back!  And so is The Fair!  Well, almost.  Just a few more days of anticipation. A few of you may remember me from last year but please let […]


Well, that's that. The end. As much as it exhausted me, I am really sad the Fair is over. We stayed until pretty much the very end tonight. We saw the […]

The Rate of Gain of Deep Fried Fun?

Today was the Junior Livestock Auction at the Fair. The day that helps fund college savings accounts of dedicated 4-H'ers around the county. The day when kids who […]

Tuff Mangos and Tuff Trucks ~ Just Another Day at the Fair

A friend gave me a head's up about a 4-H event this morning. We hustled and got to the exhibition hall in time to see an array of 4-H […]

The Fair Wants Your Feedback

Did you attend yesterday's Demo Derby? Were you seriously disappointed like I was? Do you want the Fair to know about it? You can. Here's […]

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