Month: August 2013

Recap and How Much Weight I Gained

I've gotten some sleep and have stocked up with Lean Cuisines, fruit, vegetables, and Greek yogurt. Funny how my body seems to know the party is over; I was barely […]

A Fond Fairwell to the 2013 Fair Court, Hello 2014!

Last year we stumbled upon a wonderful tradition for the last day of the Clark County Fair:  the competition for the next year's Fair Court, culminating in the coronation of […]

Llamas and Tuff Trucks ~ A Day Filled with Obstacles

Blue is blue, right? I do not have any llamas of my own...sniffle...but Rob and I are sort of llama groupies (I volunteer as an assistant handler for a cool […]

I Got My Demolition Derby Back!

Today's Demolition Derby was SO MUCH BETTER than last year's Demolition Disaster. Most of the information I was able to dig up beforehand turned out to be true. And what […]

Here’s The Dirt About This Year’s Demolition Derby

Anyone remember last year's Demolition Derby? If you were there, you know how disappointing it was. I mean, a Geo Metro won. A Geo Metro! Come on!! I am pretty sure […]

Hypnotist, Guys on Fire, and Magic ~ The Fair Has it All!

One of the things I really appreciate about the Clark County Fair is all of the stage entertainment. There are the free shows in the Grandstands, like concerts and truck […]

Mutton Bustin’, Bull Riding, and Hand Gestures

There was a trace of light in the sky as we came home tonight. "I'm a total slacker!" I confessed to Rob, feeling as though I short-changed the Fair today […]

Awesome food and juggler discoveries!

Weekdays are always quieter at the Fair.  We can often tell how crowded the Fair is by where we park. Today we arrived at about 12:30pm and parked closer to […]

Friends, Royalty, Milking, and Puppies ~ I LOVE the Fair!

Another great day at The Fair today!  Actually, it was the best one so far. I was chatting with a friend today and we both quietly agreed that Opening Day was […]

“Rock U” Is a Winner and CosPlay Needs Help

Despite the reappearance of the sunshine, the crowds were a bit lighter at The Fair today.  More room to move around, shorter lines, more places to sit a spell.  Yay! We […]

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