The Fair Wants Your Feedback

Did you attend yesterday’s Demo Derby? Were you seriously disappointed like I was? Do you want the Fair to know about it? You can. Here’s a list of the various people you can contact, including an all-inclusive email:

I stopped by the Info Center after last night’s huge yawn of a Demolition Derby. I spoke to a nice woman at “Sue’s Window” (Sue herself?). She very sincerely told me the Fair people truly want to know what the public thinks about their Fair. They welcome feedback, both positive and negative. Got an opinion about the Demo Derby or the switch to Coke products in bottles only? Do you love the Parrot Show or Jerry Harris? Do you miss that funny juggler from last year or the Grizzy Kabob stand with chocolate covered strawberries?

Sue told me we can relay comments to The Fair Powers That Be in several ways. One is to email someone on the link above. The other is to stand right there at her window and write down your comments on a piece of paper she’ll provide you, with assurance she will get it to the right people. So stand there I did. I plan to send an email, too.

Sue noted that anyone who has feedback on anything to do with The Fair needs to act quickly. There will be lots of debriefing meetings next week, so if you have something to say, say it now!

Sue can be found in the small rectangular building kitty-corner from the Dock Dogs. It’s the building with the Lost and Found as well as Premiums and Awards.

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