The Rate of Gain of Deep Fried Fun?

Today was the Junior Livestock Auction at the Fair. The day that helps fund college savings accounts of dedicated 4-H’ers around the county. The day when kids who have raised their animals to be eaten get to sell them to the highest bidder.

In early years, this particular event troubled me, me the product of suburbia who prefers not to think about where my tasty steaks and loins and fillets come from, other than Albertsons or Costco. And admittedly even now I have a little bit of a hard time understanding how these kids manage to care for and name and even kiss their livestock only to hand them over to a meat dresser (another term I learned since moving here). But there are some ways in which this process is made psychologically easier, such as this kissable rabbit who was the Reserve Champion 4-H Single Fryer. Nice that the breed tells you how best to prepare it.


I was most intrigued by a steer category we had not noticed in prior auctions. There was about a dozen impressively meaty cows who were in the “Rate of Gain” category. The Rate of Gain Champion was a very hearty black steer weighing in at 1482lbs that had gained an average of 4.36 pounds a day for 180 days. Heck, given the right incentive, I could do that!

And so in related news, I am thrilled to report the discovery of Deep Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!! When I checked Facebook this morning, I had a note from a friend who knew of my heartbreak over the Deep Fried Heaven truck running out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on Monday. They were my most favorite discovery last year (I had eight) and I was devastated that it looked like I had missed my chance this year. However, my friend said her husband found them last night and to let her know if I wanted directions for where to find them. DUH!

It took a few emails and phone calls and wandering about the Fairgrounds to finally find the other vendor doing deep fried fun. Wait. The other vendor?!? I’ve been at the Fair for eight days and didn’t know there were two Heavens on Earth?

Thanks to a teenager who knows her Fair landmarks (unlike her dad who was understandably just focused on food), we finally found ourselves in front of a truck in the Carnival by the Yo-Yo ride. Yep, that’s why I had missed it – it was in the Carnival.


Not wanting to take a chance on this vendor running out too, I stuffed my face with Deep Fried Peanut Buttery Cuppy Goodness before lunch. At the risk of being a chooser who was only just yesterday a beggar, I will say that Carnival vendor’s version wasn’t quite as gooey and melty as last year’s version from the guys next to Dippin’ Dots. And the chocolate syrup was a little runny. But, IT WAS A DEEP FRIED PEANUT BUTTER CUP and therefore I am grateful. Both for it and for friends who look out for me. Thank you, Roberts family!


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