It’s the Fair

Check out the meat and the fancy new digs at today’s Junior Livestock Auction

The Junior Livestock Auction (JLA) is well underway at the Fair today!  It is the day that all the hard work 4-H and FFA kids put into raising a farm […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 8

I took one more for the team today and tried the Deep Fried Twizzler Twinkie.  You're welcome.               […]

If it smells like radiator fluid, it must be Demo Derby night

We are in the packed Grandstands and the first round of tonight’s Demolition Derby just ended.  There is smoke and the aroma of various vehicle fluids in the air.  It […]

YEAH to helping a kid and a family in need tomorrow

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but I think this is info you need to know today so you can plan ahead. Tomorrow is the Junior Livestock […]

Add hypnosis to your schedule the next 3 nights

One of my most favorite shows at the Fair is Jerry Harris's hypnosis show. He is on stage for two shows every night and every show is different because of […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 7

I finally had the fortitude today to try something that caught my eye on Opening Day.  Yes, it's true.  I tried the deep fried bacon wrapped Reese's peanut butter cup. […]

The monkeys are just as cute as Davy Jones

The newest entertainment this year is the “Wild About Monkeys” show out by the Green Gate.  It stars two baboons, two teeny tiny monkeys, a fluffy dog, and a pair […]

Boss Hog is a Champ

Unless you are looking at a map or are just wandering without direction, it can be a little tricky to stumble upon the Pig Barn (officially called Hogs).  The snorting […]

Photogenic Fair Court at Your Service!

Remember those fun, friendly spokespeople I mentioned before the Fair started? The three young women who are ambassadors throughout the year for all things Clark County Fair? Well, just like I […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 6

I continue to eat.  YAY!  I still haven't sampled a second deep fried goodie from the Sweet Cheeks truck but I think I might be real close. I'm debating between […]

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