Month: August 2015

Yep, I gained weight from all that Fair Food

I promised I would share how much weight I gained with all the ridiculous eating I did during the Fair. I got on the scale the morning of Opening Day […]

The Final Fair Food Feast Parade!

Well, that's that.  The end of my 10 days of gluttony.  No more deep fried anything, no more chips, no more mayonnaise, no more carbonated sugar day after day.  It […]

Next year’s Fair has a new Court!

It has been a long, exciting, hair-sprayed day.  Six young teen women have spent the day vying to be on the 2016 Clark County Fair Court.  They have given speeches, […]

Has the Fair inspired your kid to join 4-H?

Oh, to be a kid again!  If I were, I would be pestering my parents to let me join 4-H.  Seeing all the kids at the Fair this week with […]

2016 Fair Court Competition is today!

It's the last day of the Fair. Boo!!!!!  But there is always next year, right? And in preparation for next year, tonight the next Clark County Fair Court will be chosen. […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 9

Somehow my body knows the party is almost over.  Boo!  I can tell my appetite is slowing down and I'm not pleased.  I should have added an ear of corn or […]

Mounted Patrol – Heroes on horseback

This year’s Fair theme is superheroes.  We all know about Superman and Spider-Man and their buddies.  But did you know the Clark County Fair has its own real-life do-gooders keeping […]

Check out the meat and the fancy new digs at today’s Junior Livestock Auction

The Junior Livestock Auction (JLA) is well underway at the Fair today!  It is the day that all the hard work 4-H and FFA kids put into raising a farm […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 8

I took one more for the team today and tried the Deep Fried Twizzler Twinkie.  You're welcome.               […]

If it smells like radiator fluid, it must be Demo Derby night

We are in the packed Grandstands and the first round of tonight’s Demolition Derby just ended.  There is smoke and the aroma of various vehicle fluids in the air.  It […]

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