Check out the meat and the fancy new digs at today’s Junior Livestock Auction

The Junior Livestock Auction (JLA) is well underway at the Fair today!  It is the day that all the hard work 4-H and FFA kids put into raising a farm animal ready for your table finally pays off…literally. Even if you aren’t interested in participating, the fast talkin’ and secret signals and mostly-friendly bidding wars are super fun to watch.

If you head that direction (behind the Grandstands), be sure to pause to take a look at a new building out there.  It is the new office for the JLA.  Until just a day or two before this year’s Fair started, the JLA’s office was a small, unsecured, relatively sparse space right next to the auction ring.

Thanks to some hefty donations of time, money, and talent, the JLA has a new place to call home. And it is gorgeous!

The building itself was generously donated by 3 Kings of Battle Ground,  The interior was then beautifully retrofitted and finished by a number of remodeling companies throughout Clark County via the local Building Industry Association.  So yes, lots of people with big hearts and expertise were involved.

I got a chance to peek inside the new office and I think I might want to move in.  There’s nice cabinetry, air conditioning, loft storage, a really cool-looking rusty corrugated metal roof, old barn roof beams, and old fashioned pendant lights that would make any Portland hipster drool.  Oh, and apparently there are about a half-dozen data ports and lots of room to expand technologically.  So it might look delightfully vintage but it is far from it.

Great job, generous remodeler people!!


Toni Woodard

Toni Woodard

I am a Clark County Fair Fanatic and eat all things fried during the glorious 10 days of The Fair. I have lived in Clark County since 2004 and consider it the second-best decision of my life. I am married to a great guy named Rob (first-best decision) who graciously carries my stuff and takes my picture every time I eat something at The Fair. We have two indoor cats and lots of deer, rabbits, and coyotes who are kind enough to stay outside.

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