The Final Fair Food Feast Parade!

Well, that’s that.  The end of my 10 days of gluttony.  No more deep fried anything, no more chips, no more mayonnaise, no more carbonated sugar day after day.  It was great fun but I gotta be honest, I have been craving a salad for three days.

So here is the very last Fair Food Feast Parade for 2015.  I will be coming at you once more when I reveal how much weight I gained through all this madness. Stay tuned!


Garlic fries from the Greek Cusina booth. They were SO good last year but this year, I wasn’t impressed. They were lukewarm coming out of the kitchen and not enough garlic. So sad.



Not impressed with this Hawaiian hot dog either. It was from the Boppin’ Bo’s booth in the food court and was a basic grocery store hot dog with a bun that fell apart. The pineapple chunks and teriyaki sauce were ok but they kept falling off the dog. It was a mess and not very satisfying.



Very happy to have another Smasher! Northwest berries juice. So tasty! I will miss them.


My final Hawaiian Shave Ice with my favorite combo — grape and lime. There’s a little hint of blue raspberry, too, because the ice jockey was understandably distracted by a bee.



Corn!! I over salted it. Mmmmm…..



Final corn dog from the Lions booth. I went old school and skipped the ketchup.



The Finale of the Finale. I left the best for last. The Deluxe Elephant Ear from the Boppin’ Bo’s stand just east of the Milkshake Barn. Elephant ear topped with strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipping cream. My hubby and I shared this and finished every last piece of cinnamon sugary goodness. The End.


Toni Woodard

Toni Woodard

I am a Clark County Fair Fanatic and eat all things fried during the glorious 10 days of The Fair. I have lived in Clark County since 2004 and consider it the second-best decision of my life. I am married to a great guy named Rob (first-best decision) who graciously carries my stuff and takes my picture every time I eat something at The Fair. We have two indoor cats and lots of deer, rabbits, and coyotes who are kind enough to stay outside.

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