Month: August 2014

What all that eating did to my scale

Well, I guess it's that time.  I have dragged it out as long as I could, but the time has come to say fairwell to the 2014 Clark County Fair.  […]

Burger Buggy at Battle Ground Lake!

I found out some life-changing news while waiting for my Ms. Burger to be prepared a few days ago at the Fair. It turns out my favorite hamburger at the Clark […]

Update on the trampled bull rider

You might remember back on Day 6 of the Fair that a really scary thing happened during the Bull Riding event. A bull rider got thrown off.  Fine, that happens...a lot.  […]

Final Fair Food Feast Parade! Day 10

            The Fair is over.  I'm so sad!!  But I suppose I could use some sleep.  And maybe a salad. I will be posting one more recap blog soon including revealing my weight gain. Because […]

We have a new Queen and Fair Court!!

It was a close competition but we have our 2015 Clark County Equestrian Fair Court! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Queen Missy Watkins, Princess Tessa Anderson, and Princess Brooke Killinger!! If I were […]

Competing with rodeo waves

We're in the Horse Arena, which is surprisingly cooler than it is outside. The third contestant in the Horsemanship portion of the Fair Court competition is doing some figure 8s […]

The competition is ON!

We are hanging out on the yellow wooden benches in front of the Westfield Vancouver Mall Kids' Stage.  The speeches and interviews for the upcoming 2015 Clark County Equestrian Fair […]

It’s Fair Court Day!

Today is the last day of the Fair.  Boo!!  But let's not talk about that right now. Today is also "Fair Court Day."  It is the day that the new Clark […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 9

Wow, eleven entries in the Parade today!  I'd say that is one delicious day at the Fair.  Mmmmm. […]

Saying “I do” to Tuff Trucks

We're in the Grandstands once again.  Aside from the Food Court, it's our home-away-from-home during the Fair.  Whoo hoo!! It's about 20 minutes until the evening Tuff Trucks start and seats […]

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