Competing with rodeo waves

We’re in the Horse Arena, which is surprisingly cooler than it is outside. The third contestant in the Horsemanship portion of the Fair Court competition is doing some figure 8s with admirable control. She’s already calmly trotted by a parade spectator with a large umbrella and a person holding balloons.

After her figure 8s, Contestant #3 will carry a flag like they do in rodeos. Then my favorite part — she will ride super fast around the arena doing that turbo hand wavy thing that I’m thinking is a lot harder than it looks.

Contestant #3 looks really confident on her horse and every time she has ridden by the grandstands, she’s been smiling big. ┬áThe competition is heating up!

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Toni Woodard

Toni Woodard

I am a Clark County Fair Fanatic and eat all things fried during the glorious 10 days of The Fair. I have lived in Clark County since 2004 and consider it the second-best decision of my life. I am married to a great guy named Rob (first-best decision) who graciously carries my stuff and takes my picture every time I eat something at The Fair. We have two indoor cats and lots of deer, rabbits, and coyotes who are kind enough to stay outside.

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