Green Goddess Crunch Sandwich

  If the recent spate of warmer than usual weather has inspired you to find a floppy hat and swap shoes for sandals, you’ve got the right idea. Despite what it […]

Italian Beef Sandwiches

May 27th is National Italian Beef Day.  If you want a real deal Italian Beef Sandwich, you can fly all the way to Chicago, or you can make one at […]

Father-in-Law’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Yes, you are correct.  This is Chex Mix, not a sandwich.  You will have to use your imagination about what the sandwich looks like, because just like you, I do […]

Savor the Summer Sandwich – Part 1

Never underestimate the power of a sandwich.  Chances are, you already have.  A sandwich is such a simple thing - a piece of bread, meat, cheese - it’s easy to […]

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Did you know that you can poach eggs in the oven?  It is a great way to make a quick breakfast and have some leftovers for another day or two.  […]

Make a Muffuletta

It is not too late to join in the Fat Tuesday celebration.  If you have ever been to New Orleans, you know what it's like to miss it, but even […]

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