Month: March 2015

A Pie for Easter

Easter is a ham holiday. Oh sure, there are the chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and that beautiful loaf of golden braided bread. There really is no point in trying to […]

Light Balsamic Salad Dressing

The first day of Spring has arrived and with it comes the opening of the Vancouver Farmer’s Market on March 21.  Our downtown market is Southwest Washington's #1 visitor attraction, […]

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Did you know that you can poach eggs in the oven?  It is a great way to make a quick breakfast and have some leftovers for another day or two.  […]

Oh, Kale! – Searching for a lost Irish recipe

This was supposed to be a blog extolling the nutritional virtues of kale, and a shameless attempt for me to convince you to buy some frozen.  Ever since discovering it […]

Springtime Salad

About this time every year, I find myself torn.  I am looking forward to the sunny days of spring, but feeling a little sad about saying goodbye to the delicious […]

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