Month: November 2015

Father-in-Law’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Yes, you are correct.  This is Chex Mix, not a sandwich.  You will have to use your imagination about what the sandwich looks like, because just like you, I do […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Done Right

To at least 65 percent of us, Thanksgiving leftovers are more important than the actual meal itself.  We are now less than a week away from the Big Day and […]

Prep Your Fridge For Thanksgiving

You may have missed National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day yesterday, but it’s not too late.  Aptly timed to help you clear your space before the Thanksgiving stuffing begins, don’t […]

Sausage-stuffed Mushrooms

You may not know it yet, but your Thanksgiving is missing something.  You’ve got your turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy…  But what about that awkward time when people first arrive […]

Make-Ahead Cranberry Port Conserve

People can be sharply divided into two Thanksgiving camps:  whole berry and jellied.  The same family and friends you love all year can turn on you in a forkful if […]

Lasagna Bowl

I ate at Chipotle.  There.  I said it.  Chipotle has standards that are pretty close to my own, and like many of you, is my go-to place for something quick […]

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