Month: October 2020

Witches’ Finger Cookies and Red Vodka Sour

On this Hallow’s Eve so dreary, gather souls pandemic weary, feast and treat this frightful night, on spooky drink and eerie bite! Double the fun with two recipes that are guaranteed to […]

Chiles Rellenos Breakfast Casserole

Kindness matters. In a world turned upside down, it matters even more. Show your family a little kindness this week with a breakfast ready when they are. This easy, make-ahead […]

Butter Tarts

The rest of the world may be smitten with pumpkin spice, but in our house, it’s the butter tart. Canada just celebrated their Thanksgiving, so for those of you just putting […]

Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Pumpkin Hummus

It’s a wonderful time in the Northwest. The air is a bit crisper, the leaves flurry by, and every farm stand is just heady with the aroma of apples. There’s […]

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