Month: December 2015

Bacardi Cake Trifle With Eggnog Pudding

It’s New Year’s Eve!  If you are lucky enough to have a few of those Bacardi Cakes left in your freezer, grab them quick and celebrate by making a trifle.  […]

Eggnog Baked Oatmeal

Need a little Christmas, right this very minute?  This is it now, the final crunch.  You might have houseguests already, kids on break, or college students back at home.  Or […]

Mushroom Carpaccio

Most of us can recite the usual suspects from a buffet line-up without any difficulty…  Cheese plate, chip ’n dip, a hot appetizer or two, a cold cut plate, maybe […]

Jameson Irish Whiskey Cake

My oldest son’s birthday cake request this year was, “Chocolate, whiskey…  surprise me.”  Feeling optimistic from the mini Bacardi cake results, I decided to tweak the recipe a bit and […]

Bacardi Rum Cakes

It’s official.  We have now reached the most wonderful time of the year.  It is also the busiest and most stressful time, but let’s focus on the wonderful part.  The […]

Holiday Journal (And A Great Gift Idea)

Now that Thanksgiving is behind you, it’s easy to just put away the pie plates and forget all about it.  Relieved at your renewed ability to fit things in your […]

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