Month: April 2015

Eggplant Pizza

Sometimes the best strategy is to give up.  I am no quitter, but this is what it finally came to after 10 years of trial and disappointment with gluten-free pizzas.  […]

Stuffed Jalapeños

Want to make an easy appetizer?  These stuffed jalapeños are so fast and easy you will want to make them all summer.  If you have a pepper roaster that holds […]

Home Made Guacamole

I love Mexican food.  Better yet, I love good Mexican food.  Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and I am already saying ole’.  You can make really good […]

Fresh Tomato Salad

We did our first trip of the season through the Vancouver Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  There were quite a few of the usual vendors, and a nice selection of produce […]

Post-holiday Breakfast

We celebrated Easter a day early and I could not resist posting this photo of those leftovers being put to good use.  I poached eggs in the toaster oven this […]

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