Perfect Hard, or Soft, Boiled Eggs

Easter is right around the corner.  How are you doing with those hard boiled eggs?  Still getting that dreaded green ring, or struggling to get the shells off neatly?  Well, […]

Post-holiday Breakfast

We celebrated Easter a day early and I could not resist posting this photo of those leftovers being put to good use.  I poached eggs in the toaster oven this […]

Game Day Bean Dip

Right now, all I can think about is football.  At this same time last year, I had no idea who or what a 12th Man was, and I kept wondering […]

Time for Breakfast – Easy Egg Cups

If your mornings are frequently rushed, these egg cups are for you.  I wish I could take credit for thinking these up, but the truth is I found them on […]

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