Beverage industry responds to warning labels study

A health warning on a soda can? A new study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation suggests labels alerting consumers that sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to some health conditions could be effective […]

New look at artificial sweeteners

Foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners may not be a guilt-free way to enjoy treats after all. New research suggests artificial sweeteners may change the microbes living in our intestines, which can […]

Kids’ cereals: Sugar by the pound

It’s no surprise that some kids’ cereals contain a lot of sugar. But just how much sugar do they contain? According to a report by the Environmental Working Group, children’s cereals […]

Harmful substances: sugar > marijuana

Americans consider sugar to be more harmful to their health than marijuana. A recent poll by NBC News and Wall Street Journal asked people which substance they think is most harmful […]

Cut the sugar calories

Time to cut the sugar from your diet. The World Health Organization’s new daily sugar intake guidelines say calories from sugar should be just 5 percent of a person’s total calories […]

Nutrition label makeover

Nutrition labels on food packages are getting a makeover. The Food and Drug Administration is proposing several changes to the nutrition labels you’re accustomed to seeing. The new labels include bigger font […]

Snorting Smarties

A third-grader in Georgia was suspended from school this week for crushing up Smarties candies and snorting the powder. Is this really going to become a thing kids do? The 9-year-old was […]

Fat-shaming young trick-or-treaters

A Fargo, N.D., woman is apparently planning to hand out mean-spirited letters instead of candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween. The woman told a local radio show she plans to give the […]

Oreo addiction

I always knew Oreo cookies were a deliciously dangerous treat. New research out of Connecticut College found that eating the cookies activates more neurons in the brain’s pleasure center than drugs […]

Artificially sweetened “milk?”

Got (diet) milk? No? Well, soon you might. The dairy industry is looking to create low-calorie milk by replacing the sugar added to milk with artificial sweeteners, like aspartame. The move, however, has […]

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