Saving millions with sodium reduction

Washington state could save $432 million in health care costs if its residents would reduce their salt intake by half of a teaspoon per day. A new analysis by the Center […]

Research: heart health decline can begin in childhood

Kids in the U.S. don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, fish or whole grains, consume too much sodium and sugar-sweetened beverages and too many are overweight. And all of that can […]

Hold the salt

A review of meals from the top restaurant chains found restaurants have decreased the amount of sodium in their meals slightly but progress has been slow and unsteady. The Center for […]

The bread taste test

Manufacturers could reduce the amount of sodium in loaves of bread and people wouldn’t likely even taste a difference. And even if they did, most would still like the lower-sodium bread. Researcher’s […]

Burger King hopes to ‘Satisfry’

Burger King is hoping its attempt at low-fat French fries will “Satisfry” the growing number of people looking for healthier options at restaurants. BK’s new Satisfries are touted as having “Big […]

What’s up with the chip aisle?

Let’s talk about the chip aisle. Have you been down the chip aisle at your local grocery store lately? It’s pretty horrifying. The other day, a colleague of mine sent me the […]

‘Heart attack on a hook’

Restaurant menus often take a beating over the healthfulness of their offerings. So what does a restaurant have to offer in order to be deemed the “worst restaurant meal in America?” Serve […]

Say goodbye to salt shakers

A staple at restaurants in Mexico City may soon be vanishing from the tabletops: salt shakers. The Mexico City health secretary and the city’s restaurant chamber signed an agreement to encourage […]

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