Preschoolers aren’t getting enough exercise

An observational study of Seattle preschoolers found the children were presented with only 48 minutes of active play opportunities per day. The most frequent active play opportunity was outdoor free play […]

Study: Whooping cough vaccine protection fades

A study conducted during Washington’s whooping cough epidemic in 2012 found that adolescents' protection from the Tdap booster wanes within two to four years. Acellular pertussis vaccines (the pertussis component contains […]

Breast milk for sale online may contain cow’s milk

Breast milk isn’t always breast milk when it’s sold online. That’s the finding of a new study published Monday on the safety of breast milk sold on the Internet. (Yes, people […]

Study: Prenatal smoking may affect girls’ reproductive health

A woman’s decision to smoke during pregnancy may have a lifelong impact on their daughter’s reproductive health, according to the findings from a new study. A study of nearly 1,500 Australian […]

Research: heart health decline can begin in childhood

Kids in the U.S. don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, fish or whole grains, consume too much sodium and sugar-sweetened beverages and too many are overweight. And all of that can […]

58 million people exposed to secondhand smoke

While secondhand smoke exposure has declined significantly since 1999, about 58 million nonsmokers are still exposed to secondhand smoke. And some groups – children, black people, those living in poverty and […]

Study: Laundry pods pose serious poisoning risk

A child is hospitalized every day across the U.S. due to poisoning from small laundry detergent pods, according to a new study. Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital embarked on a two-year […]

Survey says: Require childhood vaccinations

A recent telephone poll found the majority of Americans believe children should be required to vaccinations for childhood diseases and a small majority thinks kids who aren’t vaccinated should be […]

Study: Parents think overweight kids are healthy weight

As waistlines continue to grow, parents are having a tougher time recognizing their children are overweight. A new study found parents are 24 percent less likely to spot a child’s weight […]

Kids like healthier lunch options

School administrators say kids have warmed up to the idea of healthier school lunch offerings. Last school year, administrators said kids started off the year complaining about the new offerings implemented […]

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