Ghosts from elsewhere

Stage coach ghosts in Wisconsin

Submitted by Liz Snow, who lives in Salmon Creek: The year was 2001. I had just married my husband and moved into his home in rural Wisconsin. After settling in, I […]

Ghosts of a tragedy

Terry Covington, Salmon Creek My ex-husband does not believe in ghosts, but he also is sure that he saw one. We lived in a rented house in Moscow, Idaho. It was a […]

The woman in white

Jack Miller, The Dalles, Ore. I used to work as a closer in a Bend restaurant. I was hired when the previous guy locked up and didn’t return for his next […]

Protecting ghost boy

Kim Jones, Vancouver I was in Virginia City, Nev., at the Old Washoe Club. It has been there since the old mining days. I was at an event there put on […]

The ‘Nice Man’ ghost

Theresa Martin, Vancouver Back in the ’90s, we rented a home from an older couple in San Jose, Calif. The day we moved in, the old man, Paul, said that now he […]

Spanish flu spirit

Joann Keder, Vancouver Our home in Nebraska was plagued by unexplained experiences. My daughter always heard voices she thought to be a man and a child in her bedroom. She had […]

Scaredy cats — or something more?

Judy Mason, Arnada My brother Tim Kelly moved to a funky little bullet house in the middle of a barrio in Ventura, Calif. I had gone to visit him and we […]

The farmer’s ghost

Judith Gmerek Jernigan, Hazel Dell In Arizona, I used to live in what appeared to be an old farmhouse. It really stood out, surrounded by homes built in the ’60s and ’70s […]

Beware of the Ouija

Anita Kalbfleisch, Salmon Creek I lived in Reno in an apartment next door to a funeral parlor in 1991. Several friends and I would sit at night and play with a Ouija […]

A hearse out of time

Becky Winsor, Yacolt Picture it. Germany, 1964. The medieval, walled town of Kleinsteinbach, complete with a small medieval castle on the hill just inside the walls. We were a military family […]

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