Jack Miller, The Dalles, Ore.
I used to work as a closer in a Bend restaurant. I was hired when the previous guy locked up and didn’t return for his next shift.
I started seeing weird things, but I just figured it was imagination working alone late at night.
The guy showed up two weeks later to pick up his paycheck, and he asked me how I liked working there alone late at night. I played innocent until he told me he quit when he saw a lady in a long white gown walking through the dining room. I told him I had seen her on the staircase after locking up.
One night while I was cleaning up, the front door buzzer started going off. I ran to make sure the door was locked.
When I looked back from the door, the lobsters in the tank were piled up as far as they could get.
Out of sheer hysteria, I called out to whoever was there that they were dead, and if something was preventing them from passing on, I’d try to help them.
I never had a paranormal experience in the building after that. I was told later by the owner’s wife that supposedly a burial ground was disturbed during excavation.

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