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Ghosts of a tragedy

Terry Covington, Salmon Creek My ex-husband does not believe in ghosts, but he also is sure that he saw one. We lived in a rented house in Moscow, Idaho. It was a […]

The woman in white

Jack Miller, The Dalles, Ore. I used to work as a closer in a Bend restaurant. I was hired when the previous guy locked up and didn’t return for his next […]

A happy Christmas spirit

Jacqueline Miller and family, Ridgefield Our dad loved Christmas. It was always right up there with fishing and cigars. He loved it when our family made a tradition of getting together […]

Odd happenings on a dead-end street

Janet Henderson, Vancouver The last house on a dead-end road in Clark County is where my family lived for only one year, but what a year it was. Our youngest child, 4 […]

Ghost washing

Eckhard Smith, Camas One morning my wife greeted me at the breakfast table and asked me if I had used the washing machine the night before. I managed a puzzled no, […]

Ghost of Christmas past

Barb Gagnier, Vancouver On Christmas Eve I pulled into my son’s driveway and got out of the car to move a bunch of Christmas gifts from the back seat. While doing […]

Digging a ghost ditch

C. W. Gatney, Vancouver Several years ago, because of construction, I decided to take the back road to Battle Ground, where I worked. This route took me to “China Ditch Road.” It […]

A midnight stroll

Dennis Sparks, Vancouver In the late ’60s, there was an abandoned house with a bell tower on C Street, just south of Fourth Plain. A bunch of us teenagers worked for […]

Ghost dogs of Battle Ground (Part I)

Dennis Sparks, Vancouver In the mid-’60s on Halloween, a bunch of us teens decided to sleep over in a partly burned cabin in the middle of an abandoned field. The cabin […]

Ghost dogs of Battle Ground (Part II)

Bronwen Lee, Battle Ground One morning I walked out from our wilderness cottage to our burn can and saw our Siberian Husky “Stormy” between me and the can, blocking my favorite […]

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