Odd happenings on a dead-end street

Janet Henderson, Vancouver

The last house on a dead-end road in Clark County is where my family lived for only one year, but what a year it was.
Our youngest child, 4 years old at the time, was nearly impossible to get to bed. He said the faces in the window frightened him. He said they looked like his grandfather, but scary.
I would leave the bedroom light on and the door open, and yet he still ended up in bed with his 8-year-old sister.
One day they both told me they saw their grandfather sitting at the kitchen table on the morning he had surgery 2,000 miles away. We later found out that doctors had lost him for a short time on the operating table.
While baby-sitting one night, our oldest daughter was instant messaging with her girlfriend and heard what sounded like pebbles being thrown at the window next to where she was sitting.
She turned on the outside light, but there was no one out there. She yelled to the kids to get in the hallway and told her friend not to disconnect with her on the computer or phone, because she didn’t know what to do.
When we arrived home a short while later, she broke down crying, telling us of the ordeal they had been through.
Other things happened that were beyond explanation, such as flashes of light along the back windows of the house. For a while only our kids saw them, but finally one night my husband witnessed it for himself.

Flashes, he said, like many cameras being used in the backyard. He ran out to see what it was, but nothing was there.
I’m not sure of the presence that surrounded us in that house, but it sure seemed that something was telling us to get out.
We began to look into what might have occurred in the house or on the premises, or for some explanation about what was happening.

A neighbor said he had heard that the area had once been an old pioneer cemetery before it was dug up for the subdivision, and that other people who had lived there had experienced nothing but bad luck and grief living there.
We moved away shortly after learning of that, but recently heard a new family has moved in. I wish them luck.

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