Terry Covington, Salmon Creek

My ex-husband does not believe in ghosts, but he also is sure that he saw one.

We lived in a rented house in Moscow, Idaho. It was a little run down, but was on a nice street and close enough to Washington State University, where he was teaching ROTC.

Very early one morning, we were awakened by our youngest daughter crying hard. My husband ran down the hall and found her standing up in her crib, very upset.

Standing next to the crib was a little girl of about 8, looking in at the baby. She disappeared when Andy entered the room.

Other weird things went on.

I always used to smell flowers in the hallway in that house. And if you went in to the basement, at the bottom of the stairs you would get a really creepy feeling as if someone was watching.

I had to go down there all the time to do laundry, and it was very unsettling. One time I came home to find the basement door, which I had locked, standing wide open.

I called the police, who came over to check, but they found no signs of forced entry, no footprints in the muddy ground, no intruder.

We later heard from a neighbor that a couple and their little girl had lived in the home years before, and that after the wife left him the distraught husband killed his little girl by pushing her down the stairs and then killed himself in the hallway.

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