Kim Jones, Vancouver
I was in Virginia City, Nev., at the Old Washoe Club. It has been there since the old mining days.
I was at an event there put on by my daughter, Tara Bohren, who once worked for the Ghost Adventures crew.
I was with a group, doing EVPs with Mark and Debbie Constantino, who are famous Electronic Voice Phenomena experts. We were attempting to capture voices that we could not hear with our ears at the time, but that would show up in our recorders.
The group was sitting quietly in the dark, in an area that had once been a bordello. There was no one else on that floor. I turned on a laser net light, which projects a net of light that will change if something walks through it.
Suddenly we heard boot steps coming towards us on the old wooden floors. At that moment, the Constantinos got an EVP that said, “What is that? Take the boy and go.”
We assume the spirits were curious about the light, but not comfortable with having “the boy” there in case it was dangerous. Sometimes we get EVPs that are hard to understand, but this was a class A EVP, and the boot steps were unmistakable. For us, that is what ghost hunting is all about.
Haunted toy store

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