Joann Keder, Vancouver

Our home in Nebraska was plagued by unexplained experiences.
My daughter always heard voices she thought to be a man and a child in her bedroom. She had frequent nightmares until leaving for college.
One time a friend came to spend the night and ended up leaving after several hours. The girl was bothered by voices she heard and refused to come back.
A couple of years later, my sister came for a visit and stayed in that room. The next morning I found her sleeping upstairs on the couch with her bags packed.
She also mentioned the sound of a man and a young girl in the bedroom, and she asked to sleep somewhere else for the remainder of her visit.
My husband and I had strange encounters, too.
One day as he was under the desk trying to fix an electrical issue, he felt someone poking him in the back. He sat up abruptly to find that the chair had been turned backwards.
For several years I heard footsteps across the kitchen when I was taking a bath, but I always assumed it was just the house settling. I began hearing radio noises and couldn’t find the source.
Cupboard doors would slam shut with no one touching them. It eventually became so disturbing that I found a psychic medium who agreed to visit. I told him only that we had lots of unexplained events and I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my own home.
He was skeptical that a relatively new home would have any problems, but found there to be a “young female” presence in the basement. I researched and discovered the likelihood of a 14-year-old girl dying of the Spanish flu on the property.

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