Anita Kalbfleisch, Salmon Creek
I lived in Reno in an apartment next door to a funeral parlor in 1991.
Several friends and I would sit at night and play with a Ouija board, which we thought was just was a fun game, not real.
Then weird things started to happen.
My daughter, who was 5 at the time, would stand at my bed every night at 3 a.m. and scream until we woke up. This continued, at the same time every night.
We heard noises all the time. Scratching, scraping, moaning throughout the living room and kitchen. I just let it go as I didn’t think it was spirits.
I had friends stay over one time while I was away, and when I got back no one was there. I was upset because they were supposed to be watching my house and pets.
They knew nothing about us playing with the Ouija board or the noises.
When I talked to them, they were frantic and scared. They told me they would never stay there again, and that when they went to sleep there was a man standing on the side of the bed, staring at them.
My friend said he was dark, shadowy and scary. She said they got up and immediately left in the middle of the night and never came back.
She yelled at me fiercely for even asking her to stay in a haunted house. I pleaded that I didn’t know it was haunted, I just thought it was pipes or heater noises and that my daughter was having a hard time in a new place. After that, things got worse. The scraping and crawling on the ceiling noises were getting horribly loud from midnight until about 5 a.m.
My friend and I contacted a local Catholic priest, which then was really unheard of then, hoping he would listen to us and maybe help. He came over that night and blessed the entire house and me and my daughter with holy water.
He gave me a vial of water to keep and perform the blessing again if needed.
He said I should never to talk about it because people would think I’m crazy and because it could cause the problems to return. I didn’t talk to anybody about it for a long time, and I stopped using the board.
My friends tried to break the board but it wouldn’t break, so we just got rid of it.
I was told that trying to damage it wasn’t smart. The priest said I brought some entity in from the funeral parlor next door.
I moved out after that because I was just uneasy living there. Friends wouldn’t even come over because I had a haunted house. It was all scary and this is just a portion of what went on.
If you play a Ouija board, beware. I learned the hard way.

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