Month: August 2015

Cookies n’ Cream Gelato with Boozy Caramel Sauce

Summer is coming to a close and yet my Instagram is abuzz with photos of people on these amazing, exotic vacations all over the world. As I sit and scroll through these envy-inducing images from the familiarity of my couch/bed/cubicle, I always feel myself forming that notorious pair of green eyes famous for blinding people […]

Yep, I gained weight from all that Fair Food

I promised I would share how much weight I gained with all the ridiculous eating I did during the Fair. I got on the scale the morning of Opening Day (August 7) and again at the same time of the morning after the Fair ended (August 17). I have tracked both my weight and my […]

The Final Fair Food Feast Parade!

Well, that’s that.  The end of my 10 days of gluttony.  No more deep fried anything, no more chips, no more mayonnaise, no more carbonated sugar day after day.  It was great fun but I gotta be honest, I have been craving a salad for three days. So here is the very last Fair Food […]

Next year’s Fair has a new Court!

It has been a long, exciting, hair-sprayed day.  Six young teen women have spent the day vying to be on the 2016 Clark County Fair Court.  They have given speeches, done a few modeling turns on the runway, answered impromptu questions, and shown off their horsemanship skills in the horse arena. I followed them all […]

Has the Fair inspired your kid to join 4-H?

Oh, to be a kid again!  If I were, I would be pestering my parents to let me join 4-H.  Seeing all the kids at the Fair this week with their animals and projects and ribbons makes me wish I could go back in time and trade all those hours I spent with my new […]

2016 Fair Court Competition is today!

It’s the last day of the Fair. Boo!!!!!  But there is always next year, right? And in preparation for next year, tonight the next Clark County Fair Court will be chosen.  All day today, six young women will be competing to see who will be the 2016 Queen and her two Princesses. The public is invited […]

Fair Food Feast Parade ~ Day 9

Somehow my body knows the party is almost over.  Boo!  I can tell my appetite is slowing down and I’m not pleased.  I should have added an ear of corn or a corn dog or something on a stick today. Instead, this is all we’ve got.  So sad.             Toni WoodardI […]

Peach and Coconut Crostata

If I’m being perfectly honest (which, of course, I’m never anything but since I’m a blogger and that wouldn’t be cool to lie on my own space; that would basically be lying to myself and I am not self-deceptive although I will admit that I do live in my own world sometimes, which is okay […]

Mounted Patrol – Heroes on horseback

This year’s Fair theme is superheroes.  We all know about Superman and Spider-Man and their buddies.  But did you know the Clark County Fair has its own real-life do-gooders keeping us safe and protected and helping us find our way in the darkness?  And they do all that on horses.  Awesome, right? Unintentionally hidden in […]

Strawberry Toffee Pie with Pretzel Crust

Now that summer is successfully underway (I’d call 62 days of almost-straight sun a success), life is pretty exciting. During these past two months of chiilin’ out, maxin, and relaxin’ all cool, there are three things that I’m particularly thrilled about. And they all have to do with food in one way or another. Didn’t […]

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