Fitness And Dreams Share Same Hope

  The underlying message of the evening, in addition to encouraging kids and teens to share and reach for their dreams, was hope. In his address, Webster made it a point […]

More To Abs Than Sit-Ups

When I think about the social traumas of childhood, I often reflect on one particular test, perhaps archaic, now called "The President's Physical Fitness Test." I can't imagine this was based on […]

Unravelling the Urban Legends of Fitness Training

Eaves drop on any conversation at your neighborhood gym and you are sure to hear purported fitness "facts" that could easily rival Ripley's "Believe it or Not" museums. Through no fault […]

Extended Arms Can Be Tough On Shoulders

The longer I work with clients in the health field, the more “tuned-in” I have become to the recurring injuries people must navigate as a function of repetitive motion. Recently, I […]

Fitness Trainers Must Practice Within Their Scope Of Care

Plain and simple - personal trainers are not physical therapists, and visa-versa.  While both are highly honorable professions that help individuals overcome or mediate injury and ultimately quality of life […]

Improving State-of-the-heart

It beats about 100,000 times a day and pumps over 2,000 gallons of blood through your body all through over 60,000 miles of vessels and channels throughout your body.  It's […]

Stay organized to keep fitness on track

Whether we want to admit it or not, fitness is a science.  And basically, all science ultimately becomes very complex.  For the fitness-minded individual, the longer one pursues information on […]

Athlete Development Important In Small High-Schools

I decided to take a left-turn this week in my articles on health and fitness and speak about coaching - a profession near and dear to my heart. Several years ago […]

CPR Needed Anytime and Anywhere

In the world of fitness, people are regularly putting stress on both their heart and muscles.   With the improvements that come with regular and well controlled exercise, also lurks […]

Sports Safety Not Limited Only To Athletes

When I wrote my blog today, the weather delivered a huge contradiction.  As the mercury soared to 90 degrees, I had trouble reconciling the fact that I had license to […]

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