The Power in Food

On its simplest levels, there are some foods that make us feel good, those that make us feel bad, and those that don't seem as if they have any effect […]

The Skinny on Fat

In America, fat has a bad rap.  In fact, so bad that the public associates it as something that there is too much excess of, that it should be avoided. […]

VO2 Max Reveals Level of Fitness

When I was a kid, math was never my strongest subject. To the chagrin of my teachers, I tried to make the math, “make sense” by equating it with the […]

Water Often Underrated for Health and Fitness

Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.  We know it better as water - that magical elixir that has no appreciable taste but satisfies the burning need to quench our […]

Flexibility gains importance with age

Science  has propelled fitness and body physiology to unsurpassed levels, assisting an entire spectrum of health and fitness enthusiasts. Despite all we have learned, one of my greatest regrets is that […]

Low Spine Stability In Fitness Training

The human spine is a fascinating structure.  It serves not only as the anchor to our upper our torso but also facilitates our ability to bend and twist in multiple […]

Soreness in training is part of process

When we train at our gym, it is not uncommon for our clients to request that we train them intensely enough to yield results, but not so intensely that they […]

Breath properly for resistance training

At one time or another we have all been "that" person.  You know, the one who is on their last several reps of any weight lifting or calisthenic movement with […]

The “why” of fitness motivation

One of the most difficult aspects of self motivation when it comes to fitness training, is embracing both discomfort and discipline. Any way you stack it up, improvements to ones fitness […]

Preventing the “Weekend Warrior” Blues

One of the greatest signs of the spring to summer ritual in Clark County and throughout the U.S.  is softball. Talent and competitive levels vary greatly as well.  There are both […]

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