Month: May 2013

Breath properly for resistance training

At one time or another we have all been "that" person.  You know, the one who is on their last several reps of any weight lifting or calisthenic movement with […]

The “why” of fitness motivation

One of the most difficult aspects of self motivation when it comes to fitness training, is embracing both discomfort and discipline. Any way you stack it up, improvements to ones fitness […]

Preventing the “Weekend Warrior” Blues

One of the greatest signs of the spring to summer ritual in Clark County and throughout the U.S.  is softball. Talent and competitive levels vary greatly as well.  There are both […]

Functional fitness begins in the gym

Of the countless benefits I receive as a fitness trainer, the one that keeps on giving is what I learn from my clients.  Within each client is a life, a […]

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