Turlay’s fact-finding mission to Vegas

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay said he wouldn't vote for a resolution opposing an oil-handling facility at the Port of Vancouver and any other projects that would increase Bakken crude oil […]

Stephanie Turlay: The good Lord made fossil fuels so they must be OK

Stephanie Turlay, the would-be First Lady of Vancouver, sent a June 2 letter to the Vancouver City Council, scolding members who'd expressed opposition to the proposed Tesoro-Savage oil handling facility.  I scanned the […]

Tesoro-Savage mailer fails to impress

Vancouver City Councilor Jack Burkman has lived in his home for 30 years, so he was surprised to see a mailer addressed to "Thomas Crane or current resident." He, along […]

Tesoro employees send form letters

In addition to taking testimony Monday on oil-related resolutions, the Vancouver City Council welcomed people who could not attend to share their thoughts via email. Councilor Jack Burkman, the first councilor […]

Turlay: “There is no damage to humans on the stuff that’s coming out of Wyoming”

Vancouver City Councilor Bill Turlay has made it well-known he doesn't believe in climate change. It came as no surprise he spoke up Monday to question whether having the Northwest's largest […]

Toilets, windmills among Stephanie Turlay’s complaints to council

Stephanie Turlay, the would-be First Lady of Vancouver, was among the speakers Monday at the Vancouver City Council. She first criticized the "premature action by some on this council," referring to […]

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