Fireworks policy elicits Kafkaesque conversation

It's been a rough couple of weeks at public meetings. First there was the Sieg Heil dude, whose Nazi salute set the C-Tran board on edge (yet elicited a smattering of […]

Too close for comfort — at least in fireworks season?

In today's paper, I have a story about updated population estimates from the state's Office of Financial Management. The OFM provided some interesting maps with its news release. Here's a map […]

My daughter the lobbyist

As a reporter, I don't sign petitions, give testimony during public meetings, put political signs in my yard or even join the PTA at my eldest daughter's school, as PTAs […]

Fewer seats, higher cost for Hillsboro Hops

Has anyone north of the Columbia River been tracking the latest developments with the Hillsboro Hops? Does anyone even remember that the owners of the minor league baseball team courted Vancouver […]

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