Ed Barnes

Madore misses the mark on “hate speech”

Clark County Councilor David Madore has the occasional habit of providing a definition to make a point, so let me take a page from his book. Hate speech is any way […]

Ed Barnes unleashed

Ed Barnes has never been one to hold back in public comments, particularly when he's talking about one of his favorite subjects: transportation. This week's Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council meeting […]

Mielke mobile

A recent topic of conversation among county commissioners has been whether to lower, or alter in some way, their monthly car allowance. Currently the commissioners receive $600 a month. Next […]

Mielke wants more car money, less training

The Board of Clark County Commissioners is at its rawest during “board time,” the weekly Kaffee Klatsch-esque meetings where a triumvirate of men resembling castoffs from a repertory theater production […]

Forget a ‘meaningful life’; what about a ‘quality person?’

It’s been a little over a year, and Commissioner David Madore is still talking about what kind of a salary it takes to live a “meaningful” life. But now we […]

Mielke to public: I’ve heard enough

Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke’s evenings are important. Tuesdays in particular, apparently. I can understand this. It’s a good night for TV. I mean, maybe Mielke is a fan of […]

First Benton, now hoof rot

  APIL would like to welcome guest blogger Allen Thomas, The Columbian's outdoors writer. Ed Barnes can fight more than one battle. Yeah, he's made his name railing against Clark County's hiring of […]

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