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Mielke believes there’s a chance, a hope

While talking this past week on how to get public commenters to stop talking all mean about people, the Clark County triumvirate of David Madore, Tom Mielke and Steve Stuart […]

“You’ve got to know when you have your votes”

Sometimes it's best to quit while you're ahead. Clark County Commissioner David Madore appeared to have majority support for a transit-related resolution during this week's C-Tran board meeting, only to see […]

“Cool, Demure Mayor”? No, that isn’t right

During a Nov. 8 fundraising event, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt was featured in a video that would have been a little awkward had the Nov. 5 election results turned out […]

The enemy of my enemy …

... is my friend. That's the saying that came to mind when I saw this photo of Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and former Mayor Royce Pollard, who was defeated by […]

Short & sweet

When I wrote Thursday's story about Bill Turlay conceding the mayoral race, I didn't have a copy of his email and Mayor Tim Leavitt hadn't yet received it. But if you […]

An overtime wait for public records

Lesson learned: Don’t file a public records request with Vancouver during the holidays. A story today takes a look at the top overtime earners in cities across Clark County. What started […]

Washington among top 5 “Sunshine” states

One of the mavens' favorite national nonprofit organizations, the Sunshine Review, has released its 2013 Transparency Report Card. Washington ranks among the top 5 performing states when it comes to […]

Deadbeat “Dads”

Maven Erik is out sick, so I'm filling in on my old county beat. And what did Commissioner Tom Mielke say when he saw me this morning? "We didn't cut funding." He […]

Whither communication, Washougal?

Washougal City Councilor Paul Greenlee is at wits’ end about how to improve communication with citizens. The city is moving forward with drafting a “Strategic Plan Roadmap” for the city, […]

Eiken’s “Mighty” Accomplishment

When I took over the city beat from Andrea Damewood, she gave me a few tips, such as the fact that Chad Eiken is the most powerful person in Vancouver […]

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