Month: September 2017

Marc Boldt will answer a reporter’s question, even if it’s from

Pretty much everyday I visit It’s a pet project of David Madore, a former county councilor who lost reelection last year after a tumultuous time in office. I check it […]

Liz Pike’s take on the Roy Moore’s victory in Alabama

Earlier this week, Roy Moore, former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, prevailed in the special Republican primary for U.S. Senate over incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, who had the […]

Finance fraud and the campaign trail

Monday morning, Dorothy Gasque got a call from her campaign manager. Gasque is running as a Democrat for the U.S. House of Representatives District 3 seat, so that call isn’t […]

Clark County GOP infighting goes IRL

Efforts to de-seat Clark County Republic Party chair David Gellatly are unwavering. In addition to the recent coup attempt by members of the Clark County Republican Board, numerous social media […]

Campbell campaign to donate remaining contributions

Scott Campbell , a candidate for Vancouver City Council, raised more than $21,000 in campaign contributions before he died Sept. 17. With $10,885 in expenditures, that leaves almost $10,500 in […]

‘It can’t be used for anything other than apparently a monument’

Confederate monuments in the U.S. are coming under increased scrutiny after a protest in Charlottesville, Va. turned deadly last month. That scrutiny has also come to Clark County, which is […]

It’s endorsement season

We’re just six weeks from ballots hitting mailboxes, which means local endorsements will steadily roll in for the next few weeks. Last week the Clark County Association of Realtors announced […]

The law is still not what Clark County Citizens United wishes it was

It seems like Clark County Citizens United just can’t catch a break — at least with state agencies. For months, Susan Rasmussen and Carol Levanen, the group’s respective president and executive […]

Will Quiring endorse Pike over Boldt for county council chair?

Clark County Councilor Eileen Quiring isn’t quite sure what to do about next year’s race for council chair. Last month, state Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, announced her bid for the position […]

The race for county council chair could get expensive

The election for Clark County council chair won’t take place for over a year, but state Rep. Liz Pike, a Camas Republican who announced for the countywide position, already has […]

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