Will Quiring endorse Pike over Boldt for county council chair?

Clark County Councilor Eileen Quiring isn’t quite sure what to do about next year’s race for council chair.

Last month, state Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, announced her bid for the position against Marc Boldt, who is running for reelection. Quiring, also a Republican, has a friendly relationship with Pike who supported her run for council last year.While running, Quiring repeatedly assured voters that, if elected, she would play nice with others and wouldn’t perpetuate the bickering that had marked county government. By all appearances, Quiring has been playing nice with others, including Boldt, a former legislator and county commissioner who left the Republican party after being censured by it.

So does playing nice mean she’ll hold back on supporting Pike against Boldt?

When I asked her about this on Clark County Focus, Quiring said she hasn’t decided who she’ll be endorsing in the race, which won’t be decided until November of next year.

“Marc is very good to work with so I want to continue to work with him,” she said. But she also had nice things to say about Pike.

“I definitely support Liz Pike in all her endeavors in the Legislature,” she said. Quiring added, “I think she is a very courageous woman and has come forth with many very good policies.”

“She’d make a very good county chair,” said Quiring. “So we’ll see what the election does.” However, she noted, “Liz Pike endorsed me, so turnabout is fair play.”

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